6 03, 2019

Headshot Photography is Often 80% Psychology and 20% Photography Skills


Headshot photography is a skillset and it doesn’t exclusively mean that the skills required to deal with a camera. A professional photographer of any kind should have a personality that allows you to be good at you do. You have to explain what’s happening around you through a photograph and that requires vision, talent and a personality that brings comfort to the ambiance. You [...]

Headshot Photography is Often 80% Psychology and 20% Photography Skills2019-10-21T11:16:47-06:00
6 03, 2019

4 Things to Know Before Hiring a Professional Photographer


Whether you need a talented professional photographer for your executive headshot or to photograph your corporate event, you may find it a bit challenging to narrow down your choices. The problem is that despite an abundance of great photographers, there’s also a risk of encountering photographers who over-promise and under-deliver. Make sure you look out for the following signs and red flags when hiring [...]

4 Things to Know Before Hiring a Professional Photographer2019-10-20T10:23:52-06:00
6 03, 2019

How to choose an event photographer


A friend of mine told me about a dilemma a friend of his was in; she became my client. She thought photography was just about having a camera and taking random shots, hoping it will manifest as beautiful renderings of art. She found a cousin of hers who claimed he took a photography course in college to help her with the corporate event for [...]

How to choose an event photographer2019-10-21T11:17:19-06:00
6 03, 2019

Why Professional Photographers are Expensive


For many, the lure of becoming a professional photographer is strong. They may want to make lots of money doing something they love or they might think it’s easy to be a professional photographer and not realize everything that goes on behind the scenes for a professional to charge as much as they do. When a person wants to become a better photographer or a [...]

Why Professional Photographers are Expensive2019-10-21T20:13:34-06:00
6 03, 2019

Fashion Photography with a Touch of Fruit – Fruitography


The Idea Recently, professional photographer, Jose Soriano, conceived an idea to demonstrate the creativity to the Calgary market, specifically in Fashion Photography. Together with founder, Jesse Yardley, and a team of talented models and makeup artists, the concept was refined into something truly special. It all started with colour. The eye is instinctively drawn to vibrant colours; they have the power to create an [...]

Fashion Photography with a Touch of Fruit – Fruitography2019-10-21T20:17:19-06:00
6 03, 2019

Using Real Estate Photography to Sell a Home or Business


Why Using Real Estate Photography The right photograph can make a huge difference in how quickly a home or business sells. The photos taken of the property need to be well done and need to showcase all of the attractive and beneficial points of the property so a potential buyer gets a good idea of what the property looks like and what it includes. [...]

Using Real Estate Photography to Sell a Home or Business2019-10-21T20:25:27-06:00
6 03, 2019

Learn How to Become a Good Photographer


How to Start Photography is everywhere and the potential for great photographs is in the hands of more and more people as exceptional cameras become less expensive and as even smartphones come with cameras that can take fantastic photographs. To truly become a good photographer, however, a person needs more than the ability to take a good image. Creativity and Style Creativity and style [...]

Learn How to Become a Good Photographer2019-10-21T11:19:30-06:00
6 03, 2019

Why You Need a Professional Headshot and How to Get It


Why a Professional Headshot Many people don’t understand the importance of a professional headshot. They may believe that actor headshots are the only ones that need to be professionally done or they might just not see how a headshot fits into their own life. The reality is that most people are going to need a headshot at some point. They may only want [...]

Why You Need a Professional Headshot and How to Get It2019-10-21T20:32:23-06:00
6 03, 2019

Four Steps for Choosing the Right Commercial Photographer


Why to Choose a Commercial Photographer Photographs are proven to be effective in marketing campaigns, but only if the right pictures are chosen. That means any business looking to garner a greater percentage of their market needs to carefully select photographs that not only convey the needed message but are also attractive. While stock photos are easily obtainable, they are not customized to meet [...]

Four Steps for Choosing the Right Commercial Photographer2019-10-21T20:36:28-06:00
6 03, 2019

Flamenco with Fashion Style


The Theme Flamenco… Inspired by ‘Spanish royalty’ with a modern twist, this team was drawn to the culture of singing, dancing, colors and music that can be found in the beautiful country of Spain. Each team member was inspired in their own way which allowed us to create such unique and different looks. Everything from hair, makeup, wardrobe and set location was planned as [...]

Flamenco with Fashion Style2019-10-21T11:20:37-06:00
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